Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Fugu Sashimi

Fugu is the Japanese name for Pufferfish, a very infamous delicacy famous for being poisonous. It has a history of being consumed in Japan for over 2000 years.

I got a call and was told "I have fugu come down!" Of course I made my way there right away.

Our chef first presented us with a dish of sashimi, a lot of sashimi! The Fugu tasted a bit fishy and had a bit of tooth to it. I would liken the texture to Hirame and had a very strong ocean flavor. The sashimi was served with a sauce made of ponzu, chili and green onions. The sauce was instrumental in the palatability of this fish. After a few minutes our chef brought us a large stone pot of Chirinabe, we were instructed to dip some of the sashimi into it like a hotpot and to continue using the sauce.

Fugu Chirinabe

The Nabe is filled with cabbage, konbu, tofu, rice noodles, Fugu Bones and meat as well as water crest, the Fugu gave this dish a interesting taste that was very mellow and enjoyable.

Once the vegetables and fish was eaten our chef added rice and egg to make a jook. The jook was verry tasty with a underlying taste of a well constructed broth that had developed after the nabe was eaten. The texture of the egg was wonderful, light, airy and savory.

It was a fantastic experience and I am glad I tried it. We did experience a slight numbing and tingling of the lips and tongue a bit more than you would get from Szechuan peppers.